Sunday, May 27, 2018

8th Week, Ordinary Time, Monday, 28-05-18

1 Peter 1:3-9 / Mark 10:17-27

We can't deny that we strive for a better life and to enjoy some of the creature comforts of life.

We may not be craving for luxury, yet to desire to have something better and nicer is in all of us.

And there is nothing better and nicer when it comes to money. If there is anything that we hoard most, it is certainly money.

Yes, money is indeed the key to all comforts and luxury. And we can never have enough of it.

And that's where the problem lies - we can never have enough of it. But whether it is money or other tangible or intangible desires, we can never have enough of it.

And as we are being swallowed up by our desires, we lose childlike virtues of humility and simplicity and trust in providence.

Yet we can surely empathize with the young man in today's gospel whose face fell when Jesus told him to sell everything and give the money to the poor.

And with our hearts going down with the young man's face, we may not want to listen further to the challenging message of Jesus.

His message did not just end with selling and giving up everything.

Jesus also promised us that we will have treasures in heaven.

As the 1st reading puts it - we have a sure hope and the promise of an inheritance that can never be spoilt or soiled and never fade away.

Hence alms-giving is a spiritual discipline to help us let go so that we can trust in God's providence and follow Jesus in humility and simplicity.

Yet the question remains - how much are we willing to give, especially if we know the money is going to the poor?

Yes, that question will bug us and haunt us until we are able to slowly let go of our desires and let God into our lives.