Tuesday, May 8, 2018

6th Week of Easter, Wednesday, 09-05-18

Acts 17:15, 22 - 18:1 / John 16:12-5

Every school or institution of higher learning has a library and that is an important resource center.

Even though there is the Internet with search engines to get a multitude of information, the library is still a necessity.

We may not be able to remember all the information there is, but there is the world of books in the library that we can delve in.

The knowledge contained in there is almost inexhaustible.

But if knowledge is inexhaustible, then truth is inextinguishable.

By inextinguishable, it means to say that the truth is already planted in our hearts and we only need to let the light of truth keep shining for us.

Hence, any enlightenment, and realization, any insight, is simply the seeds of truth in our hearts that are bearing fruit.

And that is certainly the work of the Holy Spirit.

That is also what Jesus meant when He said that the Holy Spirit will lead us to the complete truth.

So for the questions in life and about life that we do not understand and do not have the answers for, let us pray to the Holy Spirit for wisdom and to journey on in faith.

One day we will know, one day we will understand, when we let the Spirit guide us.