Thursday, May 24, 2018

7th Week, Ordinary Time, Friday, 25-05-18

James 5:9-12 / Mark 10:1-12

The purpose of complaints does not usually have a good intent to it.

We resort to complaints when we are not pleased about a matter or about others.

But as much as we think that by complaining, we point out the failures and negative side of others, we may not realize that complaining reveals much about ourselves.

More often than not, it is because we are unable to do anything about situations or persons that we don't like that we have recourse to complaining.

But the result is that nothing much changes, and even if there are changes, it will be only a temporary and outward change. Nothing has changed much internally if there is no realization within.

The 1st reading urges us that instead of complaining against one another, we turn to look at the men of God and learn endurance and patience from them, so that we will understand the Lord's purpose and realize that the Lord is kind and compassionate.

And in the gospel, as the Pharisees approached Jesus and asked that question about whether it is against the law for a man to divorce his wife, we turn our thoughts and reflections of married life and the marital relationship.

As much as it is undeniable that spouses often complain about one another and there are many jokes about marriage, but spouses also need to learn endurance and patience.

And not just spouses, but also all of us. We need to learn endurance and patience when we meet with frustrating situations and irritating people so that we will understand the Lord's purpose and realise that the Lord is kind and compassionate.

So let us cease complaining and start learning the ways of the Lord, so that we can bring about a blessed change in situations and even in people.