Thursday, May 10, 2018

6th Week of Easter, Friday, 11-05-18

Acts 18:9-18 / John 16:20-23

Children usually don't cry for no reason. Even babies don't cry for no reason.

Whether babies or children, they cry when they need something or when the need is not met. So they cry out for attention in order to have their needs met.

Among other reasons, babies and children cry when they are in distress, or when they feel frightened or threatened.

In other words, they cry when they feel insecure and it can be like a wailing that is difficult to ignore.

When Jesus said that we would be weeping and wailing, we would certainly agree. Who among us have not known distress, or feel frightened or threatened. Who among us have not felt an insecurity that made us quiver and feel cold.

St. Paul in the 1st reading would have felt all the above when a concerted attack was made on him and he was brought before the tribunal.

But he didn't weep or wail because the Lord had told him in a vision earlier that the Lord was with him and he need not fear.

And the Lord Jesus is telling us in the gospel that as much as we might weep or even wail and feel distressed and frightened and insecure, yet our sorrow will turn to joy.

And it is a joy that only He can give and that joy no one shall take from us.

So let us continue to believe and put our faith in our Lord Jesus. And when we cry out to Him, He will hear us and come to save us. Just on that alone should give us peace and joy.