Friday, May 25, 2018

7th Week, Ordinary Time, Saturday, 26-05-18

James 5:13-20 / Mark 10:13-16

We may think that what is the most obvious and necessary thing that must be done would be embarked on without hesitation.

But very often it is not the case, and the obvious and necessary thing is done only when what has preceded had failed.

One common example is the instruction manual of a gadget or equipment. We have this tendency to have a go at it hands-on first when the label would tell us to read the instructions first.

What the 1st reading said seemed so obvious and necessary - If anyone of you is in trouble, he should pray; if anyone is feeling happy, he should sing a psalm. If anyone of you is ill, he should send for the elders of the church.

Yet, we seem to do otherwise. When we are in trouble we will get anxious and will desperately look for solutions and when all is futile then we turn to prayer. Prayer does not seem to be our first option.

And even when we are happy, we bask in the euphoria of the moment and we forget that it is a moment of blessing from the Lord. Being happy and being thankful does not seem to go together.

And of course, when we fall ill, we would rather go see the doctor than to see a priest first to ask for a prayer of healing and strength to bear our illness.

So what is obvious and necessary is not really what we would do first. Often it may well be the last thing that we would do.

Similarly, children may seem to be like little concerns and we have more pressing issues at hand to handle, and so we may not have time to pray with them and bless them like Jesus did in the gospel.

Today's readings remind us to take care of the little, obvious and necessary things in life first. When we take care to let God be first in our lives, then we will be taken care of by God.