Tuesday, May 22, 2018

7th Week, Ordinary Time, Wednesday, 23-05-18

James 4:13-17 / Mark 9:38-40

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” (St. Augustine of Hippo)

Similarly, we may think that our country's food is the best, until we go abroad and have a taste of another country's cuisine.

The main difference between being narrow-minded and broad-minded lies in the attitude and in the way we look at things and people.

The two readings of today give us concrete examples of the difference between being narrow-minded and broad-minded.

The 1st reading quotes some people who talk about making plans for the future and what they are going to do and with hopes of making some money too.

But it is like a tunnel-vision of life and God does not seem to be included in their plans; it was all about themselves and nothing about God or anyone else.

If the problem with the people in the 1st reading is the exclusion of others in their life and in their plans, then the problem that we see in the gospel is that of non-acceptance.

John saw a man doing the same ministry as them and because he was not one of them, they tried to stop him. They couldn't accept that man and what he did.

And Jesus gave His disciples a very broad principle: Anyone who is not against us is for us.

The broad-minded see the truth; the narrow-minded see only the difference. Let us pray that we will be able to see God in little things and give Him glory for everything.