Friday, April 6, 2018

Saturday within Easter Octave, 07-04-18

Acts 4:13-21 / Mark 16:9-15

What is said of the Resurrection of Jesus can also be said about the Real Presence in the Eucharist:

For those who believe, no explanation is necessary; for those who don't believe no explanation is possible.

The gospel reported that lastly, Jesus showed Himself to the Eleven and He reproached them for their incredulity and obstinacy.

But then, who can fault the apostles for that. For someone to rise from the dead, even though it is Jesus, was something they had not come across and something that is really difficult to believe in.

Others have told them that they had seen the Risen Lord, but until they saw the Risen Jesus for themselves, it would be really difficult for them to believe it.

But the same cannot be said about the rulers, the elders, the scribes and the Sanhedrin of the 1st reading.

They admitted that a miracle had be worked, they saw the man who had been cured, and they could find no answer. Actually it was more like they could not find a reason not to believe. So they were really obstinate and incredulous.

As for us, we have come to the Eucharist and we believe that Jesus is really present in the forms of bread and wine.

Let us truly believe. And if we have doubts, then let us pray - Lord, help me in my unbelief.