Thursday, April 26, 2018

4th Week of Easter, Friday, 27-04-18

Acts 13:26-33 / John 14:1-6

Any normal and rational person would not condone an act of evil.

Furthermore, any act of evil against the innocent and defenseless must be condemned.

And if that act of evil resulted in the loss of lives, then the guilty must be brought to justice.

Yet we heard in the 1st reading that though the people of Jerusalem and their rulers found nothing to justify the death of Jesus, they condemned Him and asked Pilate to have Him executed.

But as St. Paul said, they did not realize that what they did was in fact to fulfill the prophecies and they actually carried out everything that the scriptures foretold about Jesus.

When we suffer from evil, whether be it a wrong-doing, or a gossip, a slander, an accusation, an injustice, it would be good to reflect on what St. Paul said in the 1st reading.

Could it be that what was foretold about Jesus is also a foretelling of what would happen to us as His disciples?

Yet like Jesus said in the gospel, we must not let our hearts be troubled and we must trust in God.

If Jesus is the Way, then the way that is ahead of us should be clear enough for us in that what Jesus went through, we too will have to go through.

The truth is that in following the way of Jesus, we will find life and live it meaningfully.

Yes, any normal and rational person would not condone evil and neither should we.

But our faith and trust in Jesus should lead us not to return evil for evil but rather to do good in the face of evil, and in doing so we will receive a blessing.

That is our faith and trust in Jesus our Saviour.