Monday, April 23, 2018

4th Week of Easter, Tuesday, 24-04-18

Acts 11:19-26 / John 10:22-30

The word "foreigner" is a rather neutral term.

And depending on what form it takes, we react to it differently.

When foreigners come as tourists or businessmen or investors, we will certainly welcome them with warm hospitality.

But what if foreigners come as refugees?

We may remember that when South Vietnam fell in 1975, there was a refugee problem in SE Asia, and Singapore was also affected.

Although we may sympathize with the plight of the refugees, we also see them as a problem.

Yet as we heard from the 1st reading, the first Christians were also refugees, fleeing from persecution, and they brought their faith along.

We can be sure that they faced no less the problems that present day refugees faced.

Yet they still kept their faith and the Lord helped them, and others came to believe and were converted, and hence the missionary spirit of the Church was started.

We may not be refugees because of our beliefs, but still we must always rely on the Lord for His providence and protection.

Most of all, we must listen to the voice of our Good Shepherd and follow Him closely so that we won't be lost along the way.

In the midst of life's difficulties and struggles, let us keep our hearts focused on our Good Shepherd and follow Him into our eternal home in heaven.