Sunday, April 1, 2018

Monday within Easter Octave, 02-04-18

Acts 2:14, 22-33 / Matthew 28:8-15

We must acknowledge that there are no scientific facts about the resurrection.

What we have are the gospel accounts of people who experienced the risen Christ.

Today's gospel account tells of a group of women who had seen and touched the risen Christ, and they were told to report to the disciples.

Yet the gospel account also tells of a group of men who were guarding the grave, reporting about the resurrection of Christ to the chief priests and elders.

The two accounts of the resurrection ended up in different directions, or more precisely, in opposite directions.

So even if there were scientific facts about the resurrection, it may not necessarily lead to the conclusion that Jesus is risen.

Because in the end, facts can also be interpreted differently, and hence ending up with different conclusions.

So if we were to say that Christ is risen, what direction are we going to take?

Are we going to be like the women who were visiting the tomb, or are we going to be like the soldiers who were guarding the tomb?

What the resurrection of Jesus is to people nowadays will depend largely on our decision and direction.

The women and the soldiers made their choice. We too have to make ours.