Monday, January 29, 2018

4th Week, Ordinary Time, Tuesday, 30-01-18

2 Sam 18:9-10, 14, 24-25, 30 - 19:3 / Mark 5:21-43

Fathers are not often portrayed for their affectionate love.

They may be given the image of a provider, a disciplinarian and the head of the house as well as other masculine attributes.

But just how affectionate can fathers be?

In today's two readings, we saw the affectionate side of fatherhood.

In the 1st reading, even though Absalom rebelled against his father David, yet when he was killed, David wept openly for him.

In the gospel, Jairus put aside his status of being a synagogue official to come to Jesus and plead for his daughter's life.

As we reflect and meditate on the two readings, there are two thoughts that could come to mind.

No matter how much we have rebelled against God and how far we have turned from Him, God still loves us and searches for us so that we can return to Him.

Also God wants to heal us of our physical infirmities and cleanse our hearts of sin so that we can truly live life in Him.

Jesus came to save us and to restore our life in God.

Let us have faith in Him, for it is our faith in Jesus that will save us.