Monday, January 1, 2018

2nd January 2018, Tuesday, Weekday of Christmas Time

1 John 2:22-28 / John 1:19-28

As we enter into the second day of the new year, and as we look into the days ahead, we might wonder will happen in the days to come.

And as we look back at the past year, many things had happened; some were expected whereas many others were surprises.

So as we look forward to the year ahead, we would have the experience and the wisdom to know that some things would happen as expected but there will be many other surprises as well.

Yet, whatever happens, whether expected or otherwise, we still must know who we are and what is the meaning and purpose of our lives.

And even for John the Baptist, when the appointed time came, he appeared openly as a witness to prepare the way for the Lord.

We can say that things changed for him almost overnight yet he remained focused on what he was called to do.

His mission in life is unique and special, and it was for him to remain focused on who he is and the purpose and meaning of his life.

We too must remain focused on who we are and what is our purpose and meaning in life.

The 1st reading gives us this direction: Keep alive in yourselves what you were taught in the beginning: as long as what you were taught in the beginning is alive in you, you will live in the Son and in the Father.

Yes, we have been anointed with the truth that is from God, and when we keep living in the truth, we will know who we are and what is the meaning and purpose of our lives.

Then we will be able to look confidently at the days to come, with all its expectations and its surprises.