Wednesday, January 17, 2018

2nd Week, Ordinary Time, Thursday, 18-01-18

1 Sam 18:6-9; 19:1-7 / Mark 3:7-12

To be happy for another person's achievements would certainly mean that we have a big and humble heart.

But it is not that easy to cheer and rejoice with someone for what they have achieved.

Not only have we to keep our envy and jealousy under control, if that person is our junior or subordinate, and yet that person performs better than us, then that can be really challenging.

We might just give in to making snide remarks to even more malicious actions like sabotage just to discredit that person or putting him down, even though it won't benefit us at all.

That was the situation with king Saul and what he thought of David, and jealousy turned into a desire to kill David.

Certainly, envy and jealousy are hungry evil twins that eat up our hearts and turn us into destroyers and killers. Such was the case with king Saul.

That makes us reflect on the times when we have been envious and jealous of others for their success and achievements.

When we are aware that we have such feelings, then we must realise that it is an evil thing within that is destroying us and also making us destroy others.

And Jesus will help us to control those evil feelings. In the gospel, the unclean spirits, whenever they saw Jesus, would fall down and be tormented.

When we are aware of the feelings of envy and jealousy gripping our hearts, let us turn to Jesus and let Him cast them out.

Let us ask Jesus to make our hearts clean so that we can rejoice with the success of others and be happy for those who have made achievements.