Thursday, February 1, 2018

Presentation of the Lord, Friday, 02-02-18

Malachi 3:1-4 / Hebrews 2:14-18 / Luke 2:22-40

A major part of our lives is spent on waiting.

We wait for the baby to be born, we wait for our children to grow up and be independent, we wait for our retirement; we wait to return to the Lord. Indeed, we spend a lot of time waiting.

Besides that we also have to wait for people who are late, we wait for the bus or train and whatever.

But there is something interesting about waiting. Most of the time, whatever we are waiting for shows up sooner or later.

For Simeon and Anna, they had waited for a long time, and finally their hope was fulfilled.

When Mary and Joseph presented Jesus in the Temple, God's ancient promise of sending a Saviour was fulfilled and the Covenant was ratified with the presentation of Jesus in the Temple.

Yes, God has come to save His people and the blessing and lighting of candles and the procession is to symbolize that the light of salvation is already shining on the Church and on the world.

Yes, the light of salvation is shining and yet we still wait.

We wait for the light of the Holy Spirit to prompt us and lead us to fulfill God's work of salvation in our lives.

Like Mary and Joseph, Simeon and Anna, let us wait for the Lord in prayer, and have our candles lit, and be ready to do His will when He calls.