Wednesday, February 7, 2018

5th Week, Ordinary Time, Thursday, 08-02-18

1 Kings 11:4-13 / Mark 7:24-30

There are many things etched in our memory, among which are the experiences of our our childhood and growing up years.

Yes, we carry all these memories of the experiences into our adulthood and they shape our lives as we grow.

Besides the memories of our schooldays, there are also memories of family activities as well as religious experiences.

For the daughter of the Syrophoenician woman who begged Jesus to cast the devil out of her, that would be one memory that will stay with her for the rest of her life and would have shaped her life.

What became of the daughter, we do not know, but certainly her mother will keep recalling how she begged Jesus for help and her wish was granted.

But for king Solomon, as he grew old, he somehow forgot how his father David had been faithful to the Lord.

The Lord even appeared to him twice to warn him not to follow other gods, but he did not obey. It was such a tragedy for someone who had seen how God made his father great, and he himself was made great by the Lord, and yet lost it all because of unfaithfulness and disobedience.

As we recall and remember the wonders and the blessings that the Lord has bestowed upon us, let us also pledge our faithfulness and obedience to Him.

May we tell of the Lord's goodness to the next generation and urge them to remain faithful and to obey God always.