Tuesday, September 12, 2017

23rd Week, Ordinary Time, Tuesday, 12-09-17

Colossians 2:6-15 / Luke 6:12-19

What we would put at the top of our priorities in life would be our independence and freedom.

We treasure our independence and our freedom and as a matter of fact it is a human right.

We would not normally surrender our independence and freedom to anyone that easily, no matter how great that person might be.

When Jesus summoned His disciples and picked out twelve of them to be His apostles, would they have understood that He was asking them to surrender their independence and freedom to Him?

Because that would mean that they would also have to surrender their will and do only what Jesus commands of them.

As much as it sounds rather demanding, yet that is also the meaning of "apostles"; because an apostle is one who is sent to do the will of the one who sent him.

It also means that the apostle must be united with his master and has the mind of the master and knows his master's will.

Hence St. Paul exhorted the Colossians by saying: You must live your whole life according to the Christ you have received - Jesus the Lord; you must be rooted in him and built on him and held firm by the faith you have been taught, and full of thanksgiving.

We are not called to be just followers of Jesus. We are called to be His disciples. Hence we are also called Christians.

In order to truly understand the meaning of our independence and freedom, we must be deeply united with Jesus so that in surrendering ourselves to Him and doing His will, we will find true fulfillment in our lives.