Tuesday, September 5, 2017

22nd Week, Ordinary Time, Wednesday, 06-09-17

Colossians 1:1-8 / Luke 4:38-44

Martial arts movies and kungfu movies usually has a novice learning martial arts, and there is always this underlying important lesson or principle that is always emphasised.

It is expressed in different ways like: be focused; have only one mind; do not be distracted, etc.

These are simple lessons and principles that are necessary for any great achievement, but they are not that easy to adhere to, simply because we lose focus and get distracted easily.

Jesus had many people looking for Him. He was in great demand. He was famous and popular. He was needed by people.

Yet, He did not lose focus. He only had one mind, and He was not distracted.

That was why in the gospel we heard Him say: I must proclaim the Good News to other towns because that was what I am sent to do.

The love Jesus had for His Father kept Him focused with one mind and that kept Him from being distracted.

In the 1st reading, St. Paul also affirmed the Colossians for being focused in their faith which they expressed in their love for each other.

So whether it is about our secular life or about our spiritual life, if we want to make any progress or attain any achievement, the simple lessons of being focused, having only one mind and not being distracted have to be strictly adhered to.

More importantly, let us keep our eyes on Jesus alone, because He will show us what our lives are all about and what we need to do.