Monday, August 28, 2017

The Passion of St. John the Baptist, Tuesday, 29-08-16

Jeremiah 1:17-19 / Mark 6:17-29

We may wonder how Jesus felt when He heard about the death of His cousin, John the Baptist.

Not much is said about their relationship, but we can guess they knew each other from their earlier days, probably played together, talked about life.

Both knew they had a mission.

And both also knew that the mission could not be accomplished without putting their lives on the line.

John the Baptist was the first to do it and that line was drawn across his neck.

For Jesus, it was drawn at the cross.

And for us, that line will also be drawn for us.

A line that will cut across the various aspects of our lives when we have to decide between whose side to stand on.

To stand on God's side, will result in some scars and wounds.

But it is through those scars and wounds that God will continue to save the world.

For it is by Christ's wounds that we ourselves have been healed and saved.