Thursday, August 31, 2017

21st Week, Ordinary Time, Friday, 01-09-17

1 Thess 4:1-8 / Matthew 25:1-13

When we talk about needs and what we really need in life, it would be helpful to go back to the hierarchy of needs and to look at what are the basic needs.

Essentially, the basic needs of a human being is the physiological needs and those are food, water and shelter.

When that is achieved and attained, then we move up to the next level of needs which is the security needs like safety and protection.

From here, things get a little muddled up. In principal, after the physiological and security needs, and moving up it will be the social needs, the esteem needs and at the top will be self-actualisation. That is how Maslow's hierarchy of needs puts it.

But often in the reality of life, things get a bit fuzzy after the needs of food, water, shelter, safety and protection are attained.

Because we turn our focus from what we need to what we want. Because when all the essential needs are taken care of, we tend to look for creature comforts and the pleasures of life.

And that sense, that's where the trouble begins. In looking for our own comforts, we tend to be selfish and disregard others in their need.

In seeking for pleasures in life, we tend to use others for pleasure and make them give in to our immoral desires.

That's why St. Paul urged the Thessalonians to keep away from fornication and to use the body that belongs to God that is holy and honourable, and not giving way to selfish lust like the pagans who do not know God.

St. Paul also stated that God wants nobody at all ever to sin by taking advantage of another person, and that God always punishes sins of that sort.

Over and above, God wants us all to be holy. That is our fundamental calling as Christians - that we are called by God to be holy and not to give in to our immoral desires and pleasures.

If we are sensible enough, then we would always want to come to the Eucharist and be filled with the bread of life so that our lives will be lighted by the oil of holiness and the darkness of sin will be scattered.

And in honouring the Sacred Heart of Jesus, let us offer to Him a pure and holy heart. Jesus will always provide for our needs.

With a pure and holy heart, may we go forth to win hearts for the Jesus, for it is in His Sacred Heart we will find peace and contentment.