Wednesday, May 10, 2017

4th Week of Easter, Thursday, 11-05-17

Acts 13:13-25 / John 13:16-20

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words.

This has a profound meaning in today's world especially in the IT age when we are bombarded with so many words.

Furthermore, people in general are not conditioned to listening or reading for long periods of time.

Maybe that's why reading the Bible and listening to homilies can be challenging.

Because it's essentially words, words and more words.

Yet the Word of God is primarily and fundamentally about people.

It was about the people of Israel, it was about the Christians in the early Church.

And it is also about us living in this present world, in the here and now.

That was why when St Paul addressed the congregation in the 1st reading, he began with how God saved the ancestors of the people of Israel and continued to do so right until Jesus came.

Jesus was the Word of God made flesh. Words were no more necessary because God has become man.

God became man so that man will know how to walk in the ways of God.

We are now the bearers of the Good News. Words may be necessary. But may we also be living images of God for others.