Thursday, March 9, 2017

1st Week of Lent, Friday, 10-03-17

Ezekiel 18:21-28 / Matthew 5:20-26

There is this story of a lady-driver who stopped her car at the traffic lights.

When the lights turned green, she was a little slow in moving on, and a honk came from the car behind hers.

In her anxiety to get her car moving, the engine stalled.

As she tried to start her car, the man in the car behind hers started honking.

His honking became more irritating and it made her even more nervous.

Finally, she had all she could take from him.

So she got out of the car, walked to the man in the car behind hers and she said:

Sir, I would be delighted to honk for you, if you would be kind enough to start my car for me.

Well, it is difficult to say what amuses us more in that story - was it the irrationality of the man or the ingenuity of the woman.

But one thing for sure - anger only generates heat that burns away a person.

On the other hand, reconciliation opens the door of the heart for God to enter and to heal and to bring about peace.

That is the message of the gospel of today.

But reconciliation is not about who is right and who is wrong.

Let us remember that it was God who first reconciled us to Himself by sending His only Son to forgive and heal our sinful hearts.

May we do likewise with others, so that our virtue can grow deeper.