Friday, November 9, 2012

31st Week, Ordinary Time, Saturday, 10-11-12

Philippians 4:10-19 / Luke 16:9-15

We know that money can wield power and exert influence and no one can be spared of the temptation and the lure of money and the luxuries of life it can buy.

Hence the love for money and the greed for it is the root of all evils imaginable.

Over the topic of money there can be prolonged discussions on it as well as endless worries over it.

Even in today's readings, the topic seems to be on money. St. Paul talked about money but it was not about his worry over it; rather it was to be used for service and for how he managed with whatever he had.

He had been through his initiation (his experience of Jesus) and he was ready for anything, whether full stomach or empty, whether in poverty or in plenty.

There was nothing he cannot master with the help of the One who gives his strength.

Indeed, when we understand the teaching of Jesus about money, we will be able to manage money and not let it manage us.

And if we cannot be trusted with money which is not ours, then how can we be sure we won't lose what belongs to us?

When we give in to greed, we will be the losers; but when we live by honesty and integrity, then we show who is our Master.

We serve Jesus our Master when we can be trusted even in small things.