Saturday, October 3, 2009

26tth Week, Ordinary Time, Saturday, 03-10-09

Bar 4:5-12, 27-29
Lk 10:17-24

Whenever it comes to the subject of infant baptism, the couples from a mixed marriage, meaning a Catholic married to a non-Catholic, would be more likely to say that it is better to leave it later, i.e. when the child comes of age and can make decisions.

But on the rationale of the formation of life, meaning to say, we give our children the best to help them grow in the best way possible, I would also add that people in general, seldom, if not never, forget their childhood experiences, especially their religious experiences.

Because all of us have this gift or faculty of retrospection, i.e. the ability to recall, remember and reflect.

Somehow as children, we tend to believe and experience God more easily, maybe because children are not that cynical and skeptical.

Well, along the way, some may outgrow, and even discard their belief in God.

Yet, whenever they hit a crisis or a major setback, they will, inevitably, turn back to the faith of their youth and to the God they know when they were kids.

Even in the 1st reading, the people were told that they had strayed away from God, so now they just have to turn back and search for God.

But searching and finding for God is not all that difficult.

Because God reveals Himself to children and to the child-like.

So it is our duty to tell children about God and teach them to pray.

In turn, the children will show us who God is.