Friday, June 5, 2020

9th Week, Ordinary Time, Saturday, 06-06-2020

2 Timothy 4:1-8 / Mark 12:38-44

Being curious and adventurous is part of our human nature.

With monotonous routine, boredom will surely set in and we will begin to look for some excitement in our lives.

So in whatever we do, or even in whatever we eat, we would like to have a variety, and we would like to try out new things.

But when it comes to our religious beliefs, then we must also be aware that the essential truths have been revealed to us by Jesus.

In a way, we can say that when it comes to Christianity, there is nothing new that has not been revealed; maybe just a deeper understanding of the mystery of faith.

The 1st reading warns us that the time will come when, far from being contented with sound teaching, people will be avid for the latest novelty according to their tastes, and instead of listening to the truth, they will turn to myths.

That was why St. Paul urged Timothy to preach the Good News, welcomed or unwelcomed, and to insist on it.

To believe in the truth demands that we be faithful to the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ.

So day in, and day out, we have to stay faithful to the truth we have been taught and to stay on the right course.

Jesus Christ is our only Saviour. Anything or anyone else is just another temptation.