Tuesday, July 10, 2018

14th Week, Ordinary Time, Wednesday, 11-07-18

Hosea 10:1-3, 7-8, 12 / Matthew 10:1-7

Basic common sense will tell us that for the most important jobs, we would pick the most qualified people to do it.

Or at least people with a certain level of intelligence and capabilities that will do justice to the task.

Strange that Jesus did not follow this principle.

For the proclamation of the kingdom, He chose 12 men.

Most, if not all of them, would be automatically written off from the board of directors or executives of any organization.

In doing so, this is what Jesus is telling us.

Even for the simplest of persons, God has a task and a mission for him.

God does not write off anyone.

But we can write ourselves off. This happens when we become too proud of ourselves and do not rely on God anymore.

We become like the Israel in the 1st reading - the richer they became, the more idols they began to worship.

We do not need high qualifications to do the most important things in life.

In fact, we just need basic common sense to know what it is.

And it is there in the 1st reading when it says: Sow integrity for yourselves, reap a harvest of kindness. It is time to go seeking the Lord until He comes to rain salvation on you.