Sunday, June 3, 2018

9th Week, Ordinary Time, Monday, 04-06-18

2 Peter 1:2-7 / Mark 12:1-12

We may assume that maturity comes with age, and that as we grow older we will also grow wiser.

That may not be the case always, but still we cannot take growth and maturity for granted.

Every now and then, we may need to do a reality check on ourselves so that we can see ourselves clearer and to see what is it that really matters to us.

The 1st reading states a direction for our life in Christ when it says that may we have more and more grace and peace as we come to know our Lord more and more.

And it also charts out a spiritual check on ourselves to let us see if we are indeed growing in grace and peace.

Beginning from faith, and then going on to goodness, understanding, self-control, patience, true devotion, kindness and then finally love.

So with faith, there must be a growth and maturity that bears fruit in love and the 1st reading urges us that to attain this, we have to do our utmost best.

To slack in our spiritual development and to be complacent is to end up like the evil tenants in the parable of the vineyard.

We must not take love for granted nor must we ever resort to violence to get the things we desire.

Let us have a sincere and honest reflection before the Lord and ask for the grace to see ourselves truthfully so that we will be at peace with God, with others and with ourselves.