Wednesday, July 12, 2017

14th Week, Ordinary Time, Thursday, 13-07-17

Genesis 44:18-21, 25-29; 45:1-5 / Matthew 10:7-15

If we had been cheated in a business deal and lost a considerable sum of money, we would certainly be very angry and we would use whatever legal means to recover our loss.

And if our fortunes are restored, we would certainly be happy that justice is done.

But we would not think of restoring the relationship with the other party or try to understand why that party cheated us in the first place.

In fact, we would want that other party to be punished for cheating us and suffer for what was done.

In the 1st reading, Joseph not only had his fortunes restored, his brothers who had treated him badly and even sold him off as a slave, were now begging for his mercy and compassion.

It could have been a pay-back time for Joseph's brothers and when Joseph revealed his identity to them, this was what they feared.

But Joseph in his mercy and compassion wanted to be reconciled with them and restore back the sibling relationship.

He even told them not to grieve or reproach themselves for having sold him as a slave because it was God's plan to send him to Egypt so as to preserve their lives.

The Good News of Jesus Christ is not just about having our fortunes restored. It is fundamentally about relationships being restored - our relationship with God and our relationship with one another.

When we have received without charge, then we in turn must give without charge. That is the restoration that Jesus came so that we can truly experience the joy of reconciliation.